The detailed program is decided, and the conference proceedings and the workshops proceedings are online at the ACL anthology! Here is an overview of the five EACL days. If you want to find your way, please look at the map of the campus. You can also download a PDF version of the program folder (1.6 MB) that you will receive in your conference bags.

  • The workshops and tutorials (26–27 Apr) will be at Hörsalsvägen, item 2 on the campus map.
  • The main conference (28–30 Apr) takes place at Chalmersplatsen, item 1 on the campus map.
  • Some talks at the main conference will be in the Gustaf Dalén lecture hall, item 4 on the campus map.

26-27 April: Workshops and Tutorials

Saturday 26 April Sunday 27 April
09:00-10:30 Session I Session I
10:30-11:00 Coffee Coffee
11:00-12:30 Session II Session II
12:30-14:00 Lunch Lunch
14:00-15:30 Session III Session III
15:30-16:00 Coffee Coffee
16:00-17:30 Session IV Session IV
19:00-21:00 Welcome reception: Börsen

28-30 April: Main EACL Conference

Monday 28 April Tuesday 29 April Wednesday 30 April
08:30-09:00 Opening
09:00-10:15 Invited talk: Dan Roth Invited talk: Simon King Invited talk: Ulrike von Luxburg
10:15-10:45 Coffee Coffee Coffee
10:45-12:25 Long paper sessions L1A–D Long paper sessions L2A–D Long paper sessions L3A–D
12:30-14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00-15:00 Short paper sessions S1A–D Business meeting Best papers + Closing
15:00-18:30 Coffee 15:00-16:00
Short paper sessions S2A–D
Poster and demo session 1
  Drinks and mingle 16:30-18:10
Student research workshop
Poster and demo session 2
19:45-23:00 Conference dinner: Kajskjul 8

Social events

Every evening from 18:00 you can have a drink in the big beer tent just outside the main venue. But you won't have much time for that, since…

  • Saturday 26 April: No special EACL event, but some suggestions are:
  • Sunday 27 April: 19:00–21:00 on Sunday evening there will be a reception (at Börsen), with drinks and mingle food. The reception is free of charge with registration for the main conference or any workshop or tutorial.
  • Monday 28 April: 15:00–18:30 on Monday afternoon there will be the EACL Poster Session (at the main conference venue), with mingle food and drinks.
  • Tuesday 29 April: 19:45–23:00 on Tuesday evening there will be a conference dinner (at Kajskjul 8). Dinner is free of charge with registration for the main conference.
  • Wednesday 30 April: See below…

For more details about the social events, see the program folder or the program overview at the top of this page.

Information regarding traveling on afternoon/evening of 30 April

On 30 April most streets in the inner city will be closed for the carnival, leading to some difficulties for EACL attendees that want to make their way to the airport after closing ceremonies. One way to avoid this traffic is to take a tram directly outside the conference venue, go one stop to Korsvägen and take the airport bus or a taxi from there. Another possibility is to take a taxi and go via Sahlgrenska to the airport. The roads will close shortly before the carnival and open again after the carnival and should be fully operational after 8pm.

To avoid unnecessary problems, we ask that you reserve some extra time for the way back to the airport on 30 April or that you stay and watch the the carnival!